On the one hand adhering to the classical canon of composition, lighting and chiaroscuro, on the other choosing a particular angle and a way of framing this photographer gives her still lifes a dynamic quality, as though seen with the furtive glance of an accidental passer by.

Her Russian still lifes, created in a studio in Rotterdam, find themselves on a crossroad between the Dutch and Flamish still life masters of the Golden Age and the nostalgic realities of Soviet everyday life in Russia.

Being absolute simulacra of different ages gone by, they symbolize the dissipation, decay and temporality of life, juxtaposed by an overwhelming amount of everyday items telling deeply personal stories.

Heavily rooted in Pictorialism, her work is a reflection on her ambivalant position, wedged between two cultures; the Russian and the Dutch.

Mariëlle Uiterwijk Winkel, (1968), presently works and lives in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). She has studied History at the Erasmus University, is a Bachelor of Communication as a translator of Russian and has translated several books. She has lived and worked in Saint Petersburg (Russia) on and of for the last twenty-five years. She has graduated from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in 2015.




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